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Why You Should Own A Dashcam?

Dashboard Cameras and Helmet Cameras are a must in 2016.road-angel-dash-cam

While you can easily place a camera in almost anything nowadays, it makes a lot of sense to have one sitting in your car, van or even on your motorcycle helmet. Dashcams are finally starting to grow in popularity and for good reasons. They are basically a way of protecting yourself in many ways ensuring you have evidence of everything you see on the road. The amount of idiot drivers we see today speeding around the roads in the UK is unbelievable and something needs to be done about it. Dashcams provide us with the perfect opportunity to catch these people in the act and hopefully get them penalized for careless driving. Now there is a website called DriversExposed.com where you can share and shame the idiots who are driving like maniacs. This is the major reason for owning a dashcam. Being involved in a car accident is one of the worst experiences anyone can ever endure and there is always the possibility of fatalities.

Thankfully there are many accidents where nobody is seriously injured, however this triggers the “blame game” where nobody wants to take responsibility for what’s happened. This is where the dashcam comes into play as there’s no need for you to try and defend yourself against false accusations or be threaten to get a solicitor involved. Installing a dashcam will prevent all those post-accident headaches as it’s recorded all the facts (depending on dashcam model). The beauty is that you have everything documented in real-time footage so if you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault you have proof and the other driver can’t file a claim or dispute against you.

Parking Accidents:

The truth is that it’s no longer completely safe nowadays to park in a large car park due to other drivers scraping against your car, reversing into you and in some cases vandalising your vehicle. When you leave your car alone and unattended it’s fair to assume that anything could happen to it. This is why dashcams are so effective as they will continue to record even when your car is parked with nobody inside (depending on dashcam model). If anyone scrapes your car or reverses into it the dashcam will have the whole incident documented. This allows you to build a strong case against the culprit and claim for expenses. Any vandals will also be caught red-handed meaning you could easily press charges and prove to your insurance company that your claims are true.

Insurance Fraud:

Believe it or not some people are actively trying to get hit by vehicles deliberately to receive a large payout in exchange for their broken arm or leg. We all know that getting involved in an accident with a pedestrian is widely regarded as one of every drivers biggest fears. However sometimes it definitely isn’t your fault and it’s good practice to have everything recorded to back up your claims. People actually run in front of oncoming traffic to get hit so they can get some quick cash. You really don’t want to be the victim of insurance fraud and it can happen to anyone. Dashcams will protect you against such idiots and will help you get them charged for their actions. Without the dashcam you could end up in serious trouble, even though you weren’t to blame for anything.
Report Criminal Activity:

Dashcams are excellent for capturing footage of reckless drivers and drink-drivers. People who have been drinking alcohol simply shouldn’t be on the road and if you notice anyone drink driving you should notify the police immediately to prevent any accidents occurring. The dashcam will act as evidence to support your accusation and help get those violating the law punished. After all, how would you like it if a drunk driver hit one of your children or close family friend? These idiot drivers need to be kept of the road and by more people having dashcams it will act as a deterrent while also capturing proof.

drivers-exposed-cctvWhy Driving Instructors use Dashboard Cameras:

Many driving instructors already have cameras in their cars to protect them in case someone tries to defraud them. Some people actually crash into learners so they can easily put the blame onto the young driver with no experience. This is because in court the case will likely be in favour. Unless of course, you have dashcam footage!

Document Your Journey:

It can be fun to document your journey and keep everything recorded as you don’t know what could happen on the roads. It’s unbelievable how many extraordinary events have been captured by dashcams. Some people were lucky enough to capture the meteorite crashing into Russia while others have recorded some pretty spectacular weather conditions.

Provide Others With Proof:

Sometimes you might be driving as normal and come across a fight on the road or a theft of some sort. Many people won’t have proof of what happened but you could be their savior. If your camera catches anything suspicious then you could provide them with footage to help them out in court and support your claims as a witness. By doing this you will also encourage others to buy a dashcam as they can see how useful they really are.

The bottom line is that dashcams should be in every vehicle as they are extremely efficient and record everything on your journey. It’s worthwhile protecting yourself on the road and you’ll certainly regret it if you have an accident with no proof to support your claims. Contribute towards making the British roads a safer environment and purchase a premium quality dashcam. You have nothing to lose and it can only benefit you. It might cost a little cash to buy but it will save you in the long run!

If you have any dashcam footage you can now share and shame the idiot drivers at DriversExposed.com.

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