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Tips for Driving Alone


Driving alone without someone in the passenger-seat as your ‘co-driver’ can be risky. Women in particular are at a greater risk of drawing unwanted attention. The risks can be reduced if you know how to look out for potential problems and avoid them.

Plan Your Journey All the Way to the End

Start every journey by planning it all of the way to the end because if you are driving alone then you will not have someone to check a map for you and ensure that you are on the right road. If you’ve got your route planned out and are on the correct road then be sure to keep your doors locked. This is to deter potential thieves or carjackers from getting into your car at red lights or junctions. They prefer to choose solo-drivers as their victims because they are easier to control.

Watch Your Back

Being followed happens rarely but it does happen.

If you feel that the car behind you is following you then slow down but do not stop. Do not drive home either but instead, drive to somewhere well-lit then flash your lights and honk your horn. The person following you will not want to attract a lot of attention therefore all of the noise will deter them from whatever sinister plans that they may have had for you. If you noticed that you are being followed too late and are forced to stop then do not get out of the car. You are much safer inside the locked car. Keep calm and wait for an opportunity to drive off.

Have a Phone Number Ready for Breakdown Assistance

Breakdowns happen sometimes. If your car refuses to move and you can’t fix it on your own then use your phone to call for help. Tell the operator exactly what your problem is as well as your location so that they can send help to you as fast as possible. While you are waiting for the help to arrive, wait outside of your car or in the passenger seat so that it looks like you are not alone.


Parking lots are havens for people with bad intentions because they have limited foot traffic and low visibility however they typically look for easy targets. Keep yourself safe by making it clear that you are wise to their tactics. Start by parking in a spot that is close to the attendants and exits so that you can call for help quickly or drive off if you have to. Park your car in reverse in case you have to leave in a hurry and remember to lock you doors with none of your valuables visible from the outside. When you get back to your car, approach with your keys in hand and be sure to check the seat for intruders before you enter.

Overall, driving alone is not something that you should be scared of. Remember to follow these simple driving tips and you can be sure that you will be able to handle any situation that arises and arrive at your destination safely.

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