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Reasons why you Should not Drive under the Influence of Drugs

There are several traffic laws that govern the conduct of drivers on UK roads. Of these, one of the most important is that prohibiting driving while under the influence of drugs. These include substances such as cannabis, alcohol and heroin. If you are a driver, it is not only illegal but also dangerous for you to drive in such a state. It is not hard to see why driving after engaging in the abuse of one or more of these substances is not one of the best decisions you can make. Some of these are mentioned here.

You Could Cause an Accident

The major reason why you should never drive under the influence is that you have a very high likelihood of causing a road accident. You therefore pose a danger not only to yourself but also to other road users. This is because the drugs usually take over one’s faculties and they are unable to make the best judgment with regard to factors such as speed and the lanes to follow. Such a driver is therefore a hazard to other people as they can collide with oncoming traffic, knock pedestrians, or veer off the road into ditches. This can lead to paralysis or even lose of lives in addition to destruction of property. To avoid getting into such a situation, it is advisable to drive only when in a sober state of mind.

You Can be Banned from Driving

As mentioned earlier, drivers who are not sober are a hazard to other road users. To protect the lives and properties of these users, the government is keen on eliminating such hazards. Under UK laws, a driver’s license can be suspended for at least one year if they are found driving under the influence. New drivers can have their licenses revoked if they collected more than five penalty points within the first two years. The penalty is even greater for repeat offenders who can be banned for a minimum of three years. Since the rules apply for both experienced and new drivers, one should be careful not to flout them.

You Could be Fined or get Imprisoned

Most people do not realize just how serious an offense such as cannabis driving is until they are caught. This is because the consequences are punitive and one can be forced to pay a huge sum in fines. Presently, one can be fined up to 5,000 pounds for such an offense. In addition to this, it puts you in the risk of being convicted. If you are a first time offender, you can be imprisoned for up to six months. Furthermore, repeat offenders can spend up to 3 years in prison for multiple driving offenses within 10 years.

Legal and Financial Problems

Before you sit in the driver’s seat after abusing any kind of drug, it is important to consider the legal and financial ramifications you decision could have. One of these is with your insurance provider in the event that you are involved in an accident. If their investigations reveal that you were drunk, they could cancel your plan and hence you would not be able to make any claims. You can also be sued by people you injure or whose property you destroy due to drunk driving. The legal fees involved in such cases could drain you financially.

You Could Lose Your Job

Many employers and professional bodies take driving offenses very seriously and expect their employees to adhere to traffic laws. Some employers can fire an employee for such offenses because they know that the associated cases can distract them from doing their work. Likewise, professional bodies such as those of lawyers and doctors can prevent one from practicing if they are involved in serious drug-related driving offenses. This means that an offender will experience loss of income and hence may land into a financial quagmire. Therefore, don’t take drugs and drive as it could make contribute to the loss of your job.

It Could Ruin Your Reputation

A drunk-driving offense is just like a criminal record. It can therefore be seen by potential future employers, visa application offices and other interested parties. It gives you a bad name since such people will view you as a careless person and hence might refrain from dealing with you. This means that an employer might not hire you on account of such a record. Likewise, you might be denied visa by a given country especially if you are discovered to be a repeat offender as they would not want you to endanger the lives of their road users. These are just some of the damages such offenses do to your reputation and hence it is best to avoid them by not driving under the influence of drugs.

Please Note: The above is for education and awareness only. Please consult the official authorities in your country or town for the laws and limits of drug driving.

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