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Driving like an idiot in Manchester


Caught Someone in Manchester Parking or Driving Dangerously?

If you have come across a driver driving dangerously, been the victim of a road rage attack or someone has parked like an idiot in Manchester why not submit your videos or pictures to Drivers Exposed. Dangerous drivers are sometimes Inconsiderate drivers who not only act foolish but can put other drivers and pedestrians life’s at risk.

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Don’t drive or park like an idiot in Manchester.

Driving and parking rules are made to ensure the safety of the public. There are some basic rules of driving and parking in Manchester. These idiots who drive shamelessly on the streets can pose a big danger of running into accidents. They could also be very annoying to the rest of the drivers and pedestrians. There are traffic rules, and rules are meant to be followed!

Some driving tips:
· Some drivers drive at recklessly high speeds and land into trouble if there is a sudden need to put the brakes. The driver is at a risk of skidding and should slowly release the brake pedal. Turning in the direction of the skid can reduce the impact of the skid.
· While driving behind a big vehicle like a truck or a lorry, stay at a distance away from the vehicle, so that it has ample space while turning. Remember, the driver of the vehicle cannot see you, so the onus is on you to act if it stops or needs to take a turn.
· You should not park in front of an entrance to a property or a school. You wouldn’t like it if some idiot does it to you!
· In windy weather, keep a distance from large vehicles and avoid overtaking at high speed. The wind and the vehicle turbulent can just blow off a car or a two-wheeler.
· In icy weather, drive at a slow speed and in high gear. Accelerate slowly and keep a distance from other cars as the stopping distance is ten times that of the dry roads.
· In wet weather condition, the stopping time is double that of dry roads as the grip of the tyres is less.
· While parking on hills put the hand brake, select the forward gear; turn the steering wheel away from the kerb if facing uphill. Also, apply handbrakes, select reverse gear, and turn the wheel towards the kerb if the car faces downhill.

A person licensed to drive should be responsible, and have some basic civic sensibilities. No one can get away with driving or parking like an idioti in Manchester. The rules are stringent, the council is strict, and clear instructions have been laid out by the local councils for traffic regulation. The council does not aim to generate revenues through fines. Its only aim is to ensure smooth traffic and efficient parking facilities to all its citizens, where safety is the prime concern.

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