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Why Driving Without Insurance is the Biggest Mistake You Could Ever Make

Roughly one million uninsured drivers are on UK roads, according to the Motor Insurance Bureau. And the bureau even predicts that this number is likely to go up in a few months as premiums levied by car insurance companies continue to go up.

But high premiums or not, driving your vehicle without insurance is a very serious offense. If caught, you could be summoned to court and be fined up to £5,000. You could also be jailed or even disqualified from driving.

Why Insurance is so important

The reason the law requires that every vehicle that enters UK roads must be insured is so as to ensure that every driver is responsible financially for their actions. Being on the road without insurance is a risky proposition that could leave the driver facing serious consequences such as having to pay for medical bills and all costs of repairs from their pockets. It is not only illegal but has more other serious consequences like:

• Demerit points on license
• Increased insurance rates
• Fine

Insurance is required for all types of vehicles. Whether it’s a van, a truck or a car, you must produce proof of insurance when called upon by law enforcement officers. Even failing to provide proof of insurance is an offense which could make you to be fined. However, driving uninsured is a far more serious crime.

If you are a driver, you should never get on the road without valid insurance. Even when you have lent a vehicle, it is very important to ensure that the driver is insured. This is because in the eventuality that a

Drivers should never get behind the wheel without a valid license and the required insurance policy. Be sure when lending a vehicle that the driver is licensed, and remember that insurance follows the vehicle; if an accident occurs the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for damages. Staying legal on the road is the best way to go.

What happens if you are involved in an accident while not insured?

Generally, car accidents are very stressful affairs. This is so irrespective of whether or not you are insured. If you are involved in an accident where you are the only person in the car, you will be the one to cater for you’re the costs of repair as well as the your own medical expenses.

But if the accident causes damage to other vehicles and also injures other people, you will be liable for all those costs. Without insurance, these costs can be very steep.

What are the common penalties for driving uninsured?

As mentioned above, the consequences of driving uninsured on UK roads are grave. They include the following:

• You could have your driver’s licence as well as the vehicle registration suspended. This means that you aren’t legally allowed to drive as you serve your suspension. If this was the case, you would find it hard getting to work or going to school. To have your driver’s licence reinstated, you could be asked to pay as much as £200.
• You will be fined for no insurance violation and a ticket, in addition to ticket costs for why you were pulled over in the first place.
• You could be jailed, your car be impounded or have your license confiscated.

Bottom Line

Some people erroneously think that they by skipping insurance, they are saving money. Not only are you breaking the law but you will find that it is much more expensive in case you are involved in an accident. You will need to cater for the medical costs of you and everyone else that you cause injury to. Also, you will be the one responsible for all costs of repairs. In the long term, this could be very costly.

Whether you are stopped for speeding or you get involved in a minor accident, if you are caught driving uninsured, you could face several penalties. This includes costly fines, a suspended licence, and time in jail or difficulty getting insurance. Driving an insured is a big risk you can’t possibly take. Whether you are a young or an old driver, and irrespective of the vehicle you are driving or even a bike, the consequences are very real. Try negotiating with your insurance company to keep your premium rates low. You could even take advantage of black box car insurance for young drivers.

Please Note: The above is for education and awareness only. Please consult the official authorities in your country or town for the laws and limits insurance policies.

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