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Drivers in the news

Idiot Drivers in the news.

Leeds lunatic driver faces jail after leaving boys for dead. Read more here

25-year-old man fighting for his life after alleged road rage. Read more here

Car near Winchester on M4 flips on its roof. Read more here

 A drink driver was was banned for 3  years who refused to give  a specimen by the courts. Read more here

Cyclists put pressure on London Mayor Sadiq Khan over safety pledge after woman killed by lorry. Read more here

Bikers terrorising drivers and driving the wrong way around a roundabout in the West midlands. Read more here.

Land Rover road rage driver leaves 2 children paralysed. Read more here

Idiot driver bails out of a moving car being chased by police. Read more here.

Audi pulls out straight into the path of other vehicles. Read more here.


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