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Vantrue onDash R2 Car Dashboard Camera Review

Vantrue Dashboard Camera

Stronger performance
Vantrue R2 is built on high end Ambarella A7 processor, features higher stability on seamless recording. The OV4689 Color CMOS image sensor captures video in 2K.

True color
After repeatedly experiments and debugging, the Vantrue R2 has been accomplished with much more lifelike image system, and presents image more familiar in everyday life.

Clearer video
The 1080P might not meet your need, now you have the 2304*1296P and 2560*1080P at 30fps with R2, plus the WDR presenting more details from shadows to hightlights in moving, and the 170 viewing angle lens capturing grandeur scenario, this camera will record your driving like a blockbuster. Ready to make a road movie!

Easy parking monitor
When parked the car, one press to switch the R2 to parking mode,it will auto record when people or things come closer to your car. After used it once, it will auto switch to the mode once it detects no movement in front of the car in 5 mins.

Safety first
* The 2K resolution clearly shows license plates and road signs.
* The G-Sensor auto locks videos with impact detected. Support manually locking videos with emergency button.
* Seamless loop recording enables it to overwrite the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity.

Easy to use
* Auto power on and record while car engine started.
* Simply stamp Date, Time and License ID on the footage.
* Quick snapshot in 16M pixels.
* Simply connect and playback the video on TV or PC.
* 100% satisfaction guarantee & 18 months warranty.


Video Credits to: Techmoan

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