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Cheaper Insurance if you have a dashcam fitted

Insurance companies offer discounts if you have a dashboard.

Dashboard cameras are being fitted to cars, vans, trucks and even motorcyclists are fitting them to their helmets now due to the amount of idiot drivers on the roads.

While about 20% of drivers have dash cams fitted there is still the other 80% who know about this new technology for recording accidents and idiot drivers on the roads and motorways but still haven’t got around to fitting one.

Having a Dash cam or Helmet camera fitted gives you the piece of mind that if someone does cause an accident and it wasn’t your fault you now have proof to submit to your insurance company and the police, not only will this save your insurance no-claims bonuses but also if you are involved in a crash for cash scam you can now prove to the police the accident was staged and not your fault and have the scammers convicted of fraud and maybe jailed if they cause serious accidents.

Some insurance companies now offer discounts or money off vouchers for dashboard cameras who have a dash cam fitted by a professional. The next time you are looking around to renew your vehicle insurance make sure you ask the question do they offer discounts if you have a dashboard camera fitted or e ven a helmet camera.

Image Credits: auto-dvrs.ru

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