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Having been driving for 20+ years i have seen a lot of idiot drivers on the roads and it seems to me that they are getting worse and more and more. I decided to bring Drivers Exposed online to create an online community sticking together to show and shame the idiot drivers driving around the roads who have no respect for other drivers.

Dashcams or dashboard cameras as many people call them are getting cheaper and hopefully most insurance companies should offer cheaper insurance prices if you have a dashcam installed (make sure you ask your motor insurer).

It is totally FREE to register and to upload your Dashcam or helmet camera videos, images and even tag an idiot so why not join the Drivers Exposed community today and shame the drivers acting like idiots.

Our mission and passion is to be THE source for driver safety information and content to help make awareness of the idiot drivers on the roads and to get across and make people realise that driving or parking like an idiot does affect people lives.


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