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10 Habits of an idiot driver

driving habitsThere are excellent drivers whose skills are beyond reproach, but there are others who are a target of road rage. Some bad drivers cause seemingly harmless annoyances while others exhibit outright incompetent and dangerous driving habits. These idiot drivers often receive stares from astonished faces when they are driving. Their embarrassing driving causes peoples’ blood pressure to rise. Millions of lives ride in cars every day in the UK and rarely do stupid drivers notice their presence until it’s too late. Below are ten stupid driving habits that characterize idiot drivers:

  1. Driving slow on the right lane

Right lanes are for faster vehicles. Careless drivers do not care. They meander aimlessly between lanes at leisure. They bottle-neck traffic and cause everyone on the road to hate them. As a driver, one should now that the right lane is for overtaking. If you are not passing someone, stick to the left lane. Also, if you are driving at a slower speed than the other cars, you don’t belong to the right lane. Period. It is common sense. Additionally, if a person behind you flashes their brights and you are in the right lane, just let them by. Don’t get offended.

If you are driving a long track on a road that is not flat, please use the left lane. Even if the truck ahead may be doing a speed that you know you can beat, keep in mind that the cars around you are going at a higher speed than yours. Plus, you won’t complete the pass before you reach the next uphill. If you decide to overtake, it is highly likely that you will be stuck next to another truck doing an almost equal speed for the next several miles. Highways sometimes come to a complete stop when trucks are trying this.

  1. Poor lane closure and roadworks etiquette

Some drivers drive too fast to notice lane closure or roadwork signs. Even more annoying, some of these drivers refuse to play nicely after they find themselves past the signs. They ignore the warnings, speed down the outside and expect to be let in at the last moment. You can agree with other law-abiding drivers that such drivers should be studiously ignored. They should be left to stew in the outside lane for as long as possible.

  1. Driving with hazards on unnecessarily

Hazards are supposed to be used only if the car has an actual problem. It might be lightly snowing, but you can manage to drive with the same speed as everyone else. There is no need to put hazards on. Turning on the lights is enough for everyone to see you. There are those idiot drivers who will put on hazards when they approach speed humps. Improper use of hazards is baffling and illegal. Just because it is raining or snowing lightly does not mean that the weather is hazardous. Panicking and putting on hazards makes a driver look like an idiot.

  1. Leaving a car length space between cars at a traffic light

Only drivers who don’t respect other drivers do this (except old drivers who cannot see beyond the wheel). Leaving such a space between your car and the one in front keeps cars behind you from accessing turn lanes. They may be forced to sit through two sets of lights. Traffic spills into intersections behind you because the other drivers expected some room which you deny them. People texting while driving often cause this stupid driving mistake. Every driver around gets angered and feels like pulling right in front to fill the space.

  1. Beeping at traffic lights

When you find yourself at the front of the queue on a red light, know that there might be “very important” people behind you. To these lot of idiot drivers, anything less than 0 to 50mph in 2 seconds as soon as the amber light appears is unacceptable. They beep aggressively, which is obviously uncalled for. They portray a picture of people who can’t afford to wait for even a fraction of a second at traffic lights.


There are those drivers we see close behind someone else who is driving slowly. Tailgating is not only annoying; it is flat out dangerous. When the tailgater is close to you, you will constantly look into the rear view mirror. This might cause you to pay less attention to the road in front, which increases chances of an accident. Also, the tailgater has no chance to react if the unpredictable happens. These stupid drivers don’t understand that in case an accident happens, they are the ones to suffer. Some people might even stomp on the breaks to get a huge settlement out of a tailgater. However, getting into an accident is never exciting. That is why it is very worrying to see an entirely clueless tailgater behind you.

  1. Lazily pulling into turn lanes

When you decide to turn, get into the turn lane as soon as it is available. You can then start slowing down. Idiot drivers start slowing down in the main lane, only to get over after going hundreds of yards after the start of the dotted line. Changing a lane should not take five seconds. If it does, then the driver is lazy and selfish. When you decide to get over, get over. Use the turn lane the way it is supposed to be used and avoid inconveniencing other drivers who are rightfully speeding on the main traffic lane.

  1. Not using on-ramps when accelerating to highway speeds

By the time one gets to the highway, he should be going as fast as other people on the highway to merge into traffic seamlessly and safely. This means that you should have picked up speed on the ramp before getting to its end. Now, you haven’t met an idiot driver until you find one who has stopped at the end of the ramp waiting for a good chance to merge. It is so dangerous and crazy.

  1. Incompetent parking

However high your temper is on a blistering hot weekend, for the sake of all that is good, do not park your car across two slots of parking. This kind of parking may make it impossible for other drivers to park, and will set everyone else’s temper rising. Incompetent parking shows that the driver does not respect other drivers and is infuriating.

  1. Pointless indicator use

A driver who drives along the middle lane with an indicator flashing aimlessly is as annoying as the one who drives slow on the right lane. One is left to wonder: Is the driver planning to switch lanes? Or is s/he distracted and has forgotten they are giving other drivers an unnecessary indication? Driving anywhere close to such a driver can be dicey as you can’t predict what the next move will be.



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