Drink Driving


Despite the efforts made by private activist groups and government agencies, intoxicated driving is still a leading cause of the fatal motor vehicle accidents in our roads today.

Text Driving


We have all, undoubtedly, seen the advertisements. A driver takes his/her eyes off the road to receive a call or respond to a text message for a few seconds.

Driving Habbits

driving like an idiot

There are excellent drivers whose skills are beyond reproach and outright incompetent and dangerous, but there are others who are a target of road rage.

Welcome to Drivers Exposed

Here at DriversExposed.com you can now shame and share the idiot drivers on the roads who are acting or driving dan18755970 - illustration depicting a sign with a bad driver conceptgeroulsy. Our aim is not to have vigilantly hunts on drivers but to make idiot drivers aware if they drive, park or act dangerously they could be shammed on Drivers Exposed or even worse have a knock on the door by the local Police.

Millions of sensible people drive in cars, trucks and on motorbikes every day in the UK and rarely do stupid drivers who are rushing everywhere notice their presence until it’s too late. Shame and share Britain’s worst drivers exposed.

Whether you have footage from your dashcam or have taken a picture of some idiot who doesn’t know how to park you can now upload your content to Drivers Exposed.

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